II. Rózsadombon, Gárdonyi Géza utcában, kiadó luxuslakás

Luxus, Elegáns, Fiatalos Kertkapcsolatos, luxus lakás a Gárdonyi Géza utcában.

XIII. Újlipótvárosban, Szent István park

In XIII. district (Újlipótváros) luxory flat. 3 rooms and hall,nice fireplace in big livingroom, marlboro stons in a kitchen and entery rooms. Elegant luxory bathroom. Two balcony and air condition.Furnished or unfurnished. Panorama to Danube, Rose

XII., Orbánhegy, Tóth Lőrinc utca Luxory Penthause flat

In Orbánhegy, in Tóth Lőrinc utca, in new house, 132 sqm flat and 132 sqm terrace, panorama to castle area, elevator in house, big garage for two cars. Big livingroom and 3 big badrooms and entery to balcony.Nice kitchen and two nice bathrooms. Nice g